01-10-2014 14:11
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Bulletdrive - Online and free to play, car racing game

Is your car Bullet Enough? Play it and show us your car racing here!

Bulletdrive is an online multiplayer browser based game. You will have a chance to manage drivers, mechanics, cars and alot more in order to win as many races as possible against other players and climb the ranking ladder! Buy a Ferrari car for circuit racing or a Subaru car for racing offroads, pick your style!
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Most Powerful Car
Most Stable Car
Most reliable car
More Horsepower car racing in game
Most Stability car racing in game
Most Reliability car racing in game
The Toyota AE86 1.6 owned by Nathzorim with
an impressive 145 horsepower...
What a muscle!
The Subaru Justy 1.3 owned by eletrico with
an impressive 84 stability...
This car can corner!
The Toyota AE86 1.6 owned by Nathzorim with
85 reliability...
This car can perform so well!
  Player Points
#1 Tahllol 0
#2 0
#3 0
#4 0
#5 Stonetuga 0
  Club Points
Players Cars Crafting Staff Others
Registered: 653 Cars: 141 Parts crafted: 84 Drivers:13 Challenges (24h): 161
Logged (24h): 24 Cars bought: 11 Parts crafting: 1 Drivers injured: 1 Bets (24h): 4
New players (24h): 6 Cars Stolen: 0 Parts bought (24h):0 Drivers training: 2 Player Clubs: 0
  Attempts (24h):0 Blueprints: 146 Mechanics: 3 Jobs (24h):13
    Bps bought: 4 Mechanics training: 2 Jobs undergoing: 5
    Bps researching: 0    

Bulletdrive is a free car game available as online game to play for free, features one of the best team manager car racing game, car tuning, crafting, mmorpg, racing game, you can play online, as a race simulator, play in any browser or mobile!